«Thirty years later, Mexicans are still getting ready for the next big quake»: The Washington Post

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Mexico City revamped its building codes, and experts say the new construction will be far more resilient if another quake of that magnitude arrives. In 1985, Mexico had one earthquake-monitoring sensor; now there are about 100 ­solar-powered sensors across the country, said Juan Manuel Espinosa, director of the Center of Instrumentation and Seismic Registry (CIRES). These feel the quakes in the coastal region and trigger automatic alerts to a network of more than 8,000 alarms, giving residents a minute’s warning before the dangerous shock waves would hit the capital.

“Mexico now has very advanced tools,” Espinosa said. “But there is a natural threat that we can’t totally control.

“An earthquake could return any day and it could be larger than what we’ve already experienced.”


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